Flying with Jesus VBS Theme

Have you had a hard time finding a good quality VBS theme that doesn’t just entertain, but has some uplifting, Biblical, and fun content?  It’s hard to find!  Yes, I’m picky.

Our church will be using the theme “Eagle Express Flight 4031” in a couple weeks.  It has some nice content.  We are taking the best and leaving some items out.  We have changed some of the memory verses so that all our songs are the memory verses put to music plus the theme song.  We also came up with different crafts so they aren’t just cut & paste types of crafts. They have a nice theme song, short pilot instruction DVD for each day, and other useful tips.  You can read all about it and order it here (at their website).  I’m hoping to put a companion pack on our site that you can use with this program to use the changes/updates we’ve made.  Not sure how soon that will get done though.

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