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The better our bodies work, the happier we are and the easier it is to make better choices…

When my children were little, I wanted to teach them about the “8 Laws of Health” as taught at Newstart®.  I could not find any such material for teaching young children.  Thus, I launched into writing some material myself.  Through much prayer, thinking, writing, editing, and actually teaching these ideas to children, Kids Health & Happiness has become a useful, fun, hands-on program.

Having the right materials…

As I continue to teach my own children and others, I keep needing “another program” that I can’t find out there. So, I keep writing & developing new material. They say, “necessity is the mother of invention.” May you find the items on this website useful for your own journey of teaching children about God and having a happier life.      –Lana Ash


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