Decorating Ideas

IMG_0059s EPSON DSC picture EPSON DSC picture EPSON DSC picture EPSON DSC pictureHow do you decorate your room to teach young kids?  This was a question I wondered when I first started teaching Sabbath School.  Fortunately there were some experienced teachers around that gave me some clues and helped me out.  Here’s a few tips that have helped me greatly.

  • Have a main backdrop board or wall that you can tack things onto.  You can make a frame out of boards and put some large sheets of particle board (something you can staple into) on the front.  I have used sheets that are 4 x 8 feet.  Use what works for your room size.  
  • Cover these large sheets with felt, bed sheets, shower curtains, blankets, or other large items that can be my backdrop.  The color or design depends on the theme.  Using blue works best to add other things on the front.  If funds allow, order large themed backdrops off the internet or at a local party supply store.
  • Have at last one felt board available at the kids’ height for various activities (if teaching younger kids).
  • There is always something new to learn or gather ideas from.
  • Keep your eyes out for sales or garage sales through the year.

Here are pictures of various themes to give you ideas.Creation Small Picture1  Click on a picture to see it in a bigger format.SanctuaryPicture1DecorSavior4 DecorSavior3 EPSON DSC picture Rainforest5 Rainforest4 Rainforest3IMG_0038sIMG_0039s