Camping Sabbath School for Young Kids

This weekend our church is having their annual church campout.  I will be teaching the kids 1-6 years-old for their one hour of time.  Here’s a rough outline of what I will do.  I’m posting it in case any of the rest of you need some ideas.  Keep each of the items used in a different sack, one big sack, or a large picnic basket so they don’t see them until you are ready to use them.

Outdoor Sabbath School (God made the world & can help me)

Opening:  Sing some of these action songs
1.  My God Is So Great
2.  Only A Boy Named David
3.  Zaccheous Was a Wee Little Man
4.  This Little Light of Mine
5.  Stop & Let Me Tell You

6. Prayer

7. Offering (tell them to save it for church time)

Start Program:
8. Song:  I Open My Bible Book & Read (use hands as a Bible) or do actions with Read Your Bible Pray Every Day (tune of I Will Make You Fisher’s of Men)
9.  We have a special Bible promise we will sing several times and learn this morning.  Sing & Clap to rhythm Psalms 121:2.

Today we will be looking at wonderful things God has made for us.  Remember, if God can make so many wonderful things, he can help you and me too!

10.  Pine Cones–this is something pokey that God made.  Let each kid hold a pine cone while singing Oh Who Can Make the pinecone…
11.  Smooth Rocks–this is something smooth God made.  Rub on cheek & smile.  Let each kid hold a smooth rock and sing Jesus Made the Pretty Rocks.
12.  Trees–Jesus made the tall trees.  Stand up tall and sway like a tree while singing The Trees Are Gently Swaying.
13.  Let’s sing our Bible verse song again.  Clap with me while we sing Psalms 121:2.
14.  Sticks–Because there are trees, we have sticks to play with!  Find a stick (or hand one to each child) and poke it into the ground/sand/dirt like it’s growing.
15.  Leaves–look at all the leaves out here!  There are SO many different shapes & sizes.  Give one leaf to each child or let them find a leaf to show you.
16.  Bark–each tree has different skin (bark), just like God made each of us with different colors or skin.  Let kids hold different kinds of bark and sing My God Is So Great.
17.  Flowers–Let children hold a flower.  Sing, Jesus made the pretty flowers (tune of Jesus Made the Pretty Rocks).
18.  Can you make a flower grow?  No!  God is so great.  He has made so many things.  He promises to help us whenever we need it.  Clap with me while we sing Psalms 121:2 again.
19.  What else has God made?  What flies in the sky?  Birds!  What are some sounds birds make?  Make sounds of birds and let them guess what bird it is.  Rooster, sparrow, hawk, crow, robin, parrot, duck, chicken.
20.  Butterflies–what is something else that flies?  Butterflies!  Have you seen any today?  Let’s put our two hands together and make them flap like a butterfly while we sing I Like to See the Butterfly.
21.  Animals–God has made some other wonderful things.  What have we not talked about yet?  Animals!  I’m going to act out an animal and you tell me what it is: cat, dog, elephant, rabbit, snake, bird, cow…
22.  Insects–God has made some other fun crawling & flying creatures called insects.  Show some insects in pictures or in a jar.  If you see a buzzing bee, make sure not to touch it!  Let’s do a finger play about the bee.  Here is the beehive, where are the bees, hiding where nobody sees.  Out come the bees, one, two, three, bzzzzz…
23.  Jesus loves us SO much to make so much for us to enjoy!  Sing Jesus Loves Me with hand motions.
24.  Tell a Bible story in the dirt/sand using sticks, stones, etc. for props.
25.  Craft Time–go for a walk & find a list of items or ones like we talked about.  Give a bag to each parent/child to collect their items.  Come back together in a few minutes and see what everyone found.  Some items to look for: something pokey, something smooth, something soft, flower, leaf, bark, stick, feather.
26.  Let’s sing and clap our Bible verse song one more time: Psalms 121:2
27.  Closing Prayer