Free Cradle Roll programs!

I have decided to make all the Cradle Roll programs on this website free!  Some of these programs were kindly given to me and I re-wrote them to fit my church situation (had different props, kids, etc.).  I think God wants me to pass on that same kindness and attitude.  I want to encourage as many people as possible in their journey of bringing children’s hearts closer to God.  It is such a joy to see the spark in a child’s eyes, the “aha” moment that he/she gets the point, children coming to Sabbath School, and little people (and parents) wanting Jesus in their life.  God is good and I want to share that good news!

I have added the donate button to the site. I know I am offering something of value and that there are people who want to give back as well.

More programs will be added this summer as I have time to put them up.

Lana Ash

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