Cradle Roll My Friend Jesus Theme

This theme is about Jesus as our special friend and help.  Children see Jesus’ love and help with the disciples and apply it to their lives in a variety of hands-on activities in the classroom.JesusWithChildren

  • Ideal for Sabbath School/Sunday School children.
  • Can be used for ages 0-6.
  • 6-8 week program.
  • An hour of teaching material that can easily be shortened, if needed.
  • Engaging, fun, hands-on, and interactive!
  • Most songs are from Little Voices Praise Him song book.
  • Files are editable so you can adjust the program to just the way you want!

Upon download, you will be sent a .zip file containing the following files:

  • Editable Teacher Notes–Microsoft Word document.
  • List of props.
  • Decoration ideas.
  • List of songs used.
  • Instructions to make your own songbook for the pianist.
  • Editable song sheet for parents–a Microsoft Word document file (can be opened/edited in various programs).
  • Book/spine cover (for your own binder).

    JesusMyFriendDecor2 EPSON DSC picture