Cradle Roll Creation Theme

This program is about the creation of our world as taught in the Bible to help children experience, enjoy, and remember the Bible story.

  • Ideal for Sabbath School/Sunday School children.
  • For ages 4 and under.
  • 6-8 week program.
  • An hour of teaching material that can easily be shortened, if needed.
  • Engaging, fun, hands-on, and interactive!
  • Includes a main Bible verse song to help place scripture in the minds of the children.
  • Most songs are from Little Voices Praise Him song book.
  • Some files are editable so you can adjust the program to just the way you want!

Upon download, you will be sent a .zip file containing the following:

  • Editable 4×6 Teacher cards–Open Office and Microsoft files.
  • List of props
  • Decoration ideas
  • List of songs used
  • Instructions to make your own songbook for the pianist
  • Editable song sheet for parents–an Open Office file (can be opened/edited in various programs)
  • Book/spine cover (for your own binder)

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